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Hot Tubs and Grill Season

It’s that time of year to start looking at your store and figuring out what to stock and what to drop.  Hearth Business is designed to help you pick all the right products that will move.   Anybody can right an early buy order, but, we can truly partner with you to build your business and develop ways to go to market that get you instant results.

Check out the barbecue classes we put on for Leo Distributing in Ft. Wayne.  We brought 28 new people into their business and they are now booking an overflow class.  That is delivering the promise with no b.s..

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Testimonial On Good One Smoker !

You know, I looked at the Good-One smoker for several years and never
bought one.  It did not appear like a traditional smoker, so I believed
it could not work properly because it was a lot different than every
other smoker out there.  Boy, was I wrong!  It was 10 years later, I was
smoking 99 slabs of ribs for a fundraiser for my daughter’s volleyball
team, I had three different offset smokers, but was short 1 to complete
my cook.  I borrowed my neighbor’s smoker, which was a Good-One smoker.
It was a rather chilly fall day.  On the offset smokers, it was a normal
cooking day. I was constantly fighting to keep my fires going, moving
the meat from the hot end to the cool end and vice versa.  I kept going
back to the Good-One and looking at the thermometer.  It stayed exactly
at the same temperature for 6 hours.  Wow, I could not believe it.  I
was hooked immediately.

If you notice, the Good-One firebox is a lot larger in proportion to the
smoking chamber than most smokers.  The more the fuel, the longer the
cook!! Makes sense.  Also, the firebox runs the entire distance of the
smoking chamber and has a damper to control the temperature in which you
desire in the smoking chamber.  That makes sense also.  So now have I
even temperatures, with no hot spots, no need to move the meat around
and a fire That will burn for 6 or more hours so I can leave it alone
for long periods of time and do better things with my time than babysit
the smoker.
So there you have it, a true story.


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